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by Lori DeBoer, Co-Owner

Now that Louise is painted, the next step is putting in new windows.  The front window and side window were broken, so we had those replaced by Nico at Safelight Autoglass in Longmont.   The window in the slide was tricky so the manager said he might be able to do it and Nico took the challenge and did a tremendous job.

Michael had a new serving window fabricated by Colorado Plastic Products, Inc. in Louisville.  Drew Schwartz, the president and owner of the business, lives in North Boulder and was excited to have our truck in our shop because he’d seen Michael working on Louise in town. The serving window was originally made of Plexiglass, but was all scratched up and misshapen. He went with a serving window made of Lexan, which is a type of plastic that is more high-end and durable. It is practically bullet-proof and it will be there forever.  It cost about $280 for the sheet, compared to $175 for Plexiglass (not including milling), but we’ll never have to worry about changing it out or having it breaking.  Lexan can get a hole in it and it’s not going to run through window, like a hole does in Plexiglass.

The top and side skylights on Louise also were broken.  Drew recommended that we go with a dual-wall Plexiglass, which is not only stronger but more aesthetically pleasing because of its striping. The look fits with our French theme.  We aren’t able to afford to replace the ceiling skylights at the moment, but we eventually will do that.

Austin Elsborg, our new truck manager, and another former employee of Michael’s named Aaron came by to help Michael install the windows.

I think you can get a sense of the old skylights in the following photo.  I didn’t think to get close-up photos of the broken skylights when I had the chance.


Installation was an all-day affair, and I admit the guys made me nervous, walking around on the roof.

20150524_184918 (1)