720-383-5488 (We are likely cooking or teaching, so please text first) thetwisttruck@gmail.com

The French Twist Food Truck offers

made-from-scratch, gourmet cuisine.


“Gourmet French fare on wheels by The French Twist

ups the food truck game.”

Best of Boulder


As featured in Beer Connoisseur, The Boulder Weekly, Zagat, The Daily Camera, Eater.com and Food Truck Friday

What’s Next

Friday, April 22, – Sunday, April 31, 2016

Friday, April 22, – Sunday, April 31, 2016

WHERE’S LOUISE? Friday, April 22 – 3 to 8 p.m., Wibby Brewing, 209 Emery Street, Longmont, CO Saturday, April 23 – 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Left Hand Brewing Company, 1265 Boston Avenue, Longmont, CO Sunday, April 24 – Closed Monday, April 25 –... read more

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Where’s Louise?

Louise and the crew of the French Twist Food truck can be found at office parks, craft drinking establishments, concerts, festivals and events.   We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, though times varies. Here’s our full calendar; please check back for updates.

The French Twist Menu


Snails, ham, roasted garlic, butter and fresh herbs.
GF  $7


Frog Provencal

Breaded and fried, served with Sauce Provencal.
GF $7


Salade Nicoise

Mixed greens, nicoise olives, capers, hard-boiled egg, green beans and a housemade balsamic viniagrette.
GF $8


Salade Lyonnaise

Mixed greens, caramelized potatoes and onions, bacon, swiss cheese and a housemade sherry viniagrette.
GF $10


Duck Confit

Cured overnight with salt, sugar and spices then slow-roasted at a low temperature before being shredded and crisped on our flattop. Add a portion to any dish.
DF, GF $5


Seared Tuna

Sushi-quality tuna seared to order; add to any dish.
DF, GF $4


Croque Madame

Toasted ham and cheese sandwich topped with a mushroom-bechamel sauce and a fried egg.
Gluten-free or vegetarian upon request.


Salmon Madame

A smoked salmon, cream cheese and tomato sandwich topped with our housemade lemon-caper cream sauce and a fried egg.
Gluten-free available upon request.



A blend of roasted summer vegetables with garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs.  Served chilled or hot.
GF, DF $4


Pommes Gaufrette

Freshly made, waffle-cut potatoe chips.
GF, DF $3.50


Pommes Gaufrette Supreme

Waffle-cut potato chips, made on the spot, topped with our gluten-free mushroom bechamel sauce and ratatouille. A take on the traditional Canadian poutine.
DF, GF $8   
Add duck confit $2



Mexican Coke, sparkling water, San Pelligrino soda, La Croix soda

What’s Cooking

Guess What We Found

Since 2011, Louise has been in service as the Cheese Louise truck, rolling around the Boulder and Denver area with a crew that served up tasty grilled cheese sandwiches, in more varieties than you can shake a stick at. The guys had a good run with her and it helped...

Stripping Louise

Join Chef Michael as he optimistically outlines his plan for Louise’s vinyl.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress with Louise as The French Twist Food Truck gets ready to roll. We hope to make our deadline of mid-April for hitting the streets around...

Happy Birthday to Us

Today is my 50th birthday.  Michael felt bad because he thought I was turning 49, but I’ll take it.  He’s younger than me and his birthday is 12 days before mine. (I’ll let that confuse you.)  We have been so busy working on getting The French Twist...

It’s a Girl!

Hi everyone, We have a truck and her name is Louise!  After months of planning and a few weeks of scouring Colorado, looking for the prefect truck, we found one right here in Boulder. We made the decision to purchase the Cheese Louise Truck from her owners, the folks...

A Business of Our Own

Michael has always wanted to open his own restaurant and that became even more clear to him this past couple of years, when he was dedicating himself to The Chautauqua Dining Hall, as first the banquet chef and then the sous chef. He loved what he was doing and the...

Chef Michael at the Farmer’s Market

If you think that you recognize Michael from someplace, you are right! Michael was asked, as part his work with Camp Culinary, to give cooking demos at the Boulder Farmer’s Market. He would select representative produce from the farmers and show folks the best...

The French Twist Food Truck Services

We serve the finest French food coming off a truck in the United States.   Best of all, we can come to you.  Here’s some of the services we offer.



We provide regular curbside lunch services, corporate picnics and parties and boxed lunches.


Craft Drinking Establishments

We provide the evening’s meal to go perfectly with your favorite drinking establishments, including Upslope Brewing Company,  The Bitter Bar, Book Cliff Vineyards, Liquid Mechanics, What We Love The Winery, Settembre Cellars, 501 Brewing and more.


Festivals and Events

The French Twist Food Truck is a crowd pleaser at many public events, including The Loveland Arts and Wine Festival, The Jaipur Literary Conference, The Lafayette Peach Festival, Niwot Rock N’ Rails, Prospect Sound Bites and more.

Wow. Where can you get a dozen (or more) tasty escargot along side of meaty chunks of ham, accompanied by roasted garlic cloves on a bed of fresh spinach with colorful ratatouille sprinkled about — all for $7?! Délicieux!

Marian Head

So impressed. As a kitchen professional I have to respect the cuisine they present, and it’s on wheels! Never would have expected to be this impressed.

Edwin O'Halloran

AMAZING food, with gluten free options (Have you been missing crepes, since going gluten-free? Then this is the place for you)! It is a great place if you want a little taste of French cooking, without having to sit down at a restaurant. Every piece of every dish, is thought out superbly (& amuse-bouche aka pleasing to the mouth) and is a part of “haute cuisine” as the French would say. Yummy, I especially loved the Duck Confit!!!

Bea Conti

Wow! The most delicious French Food Truck Food I’ve ever had. The Croque Madame and Asparagus with bacon, Brie, and tomato were both phenomenal. Definitely worth looking up their schedule to follow around.

Jeffrey Orr