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By Lori DeBoer, Co-Owner

The romance of food trucks has increased with the release of the movie Chef starring Jon Favreau;  we often get comments from people who have seen the movie and believe we are making money hand over fist and are living the some sort of celebrity lifestyle.

Writer Noel Phillips, of The Boulder Weekly, took a look at the truth behind the romance in an article on Michael, “Truckin’:  On leaving the book and mortar for the mobile restaurant.” It was published online on September 24, 2015, and you can read it HERE.

She does an extraordinary job of looking at the myths and misconceptions of running a food truck, including the common but unsubstantiated claim of brick and mortars that we compete unfairly with them.  She examines all the factors that impact food trucks and talked about some of the very real advantages food trucks have.  It requires a strong writer to pack so much information into a news story and yet still make it highly readable.  If you are interested in the food truck industry, it is well worth a read.