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The French Twist Menu


Snails, ham, roasted garlic, butter and fresh herbs. $7


Frog Provencal

Breaded and fried, served with Sauce Provencal. GF $7


Salade Nicoise

Mixed greens, nicoise olives, capers, hard-boiled egg, green beans and a housemade balsamic viniagrette. GF $8


Salade Lyonnaise

Mixed greens, caramelized potatoes and onions, bacon, swiss cheese and a housemade sherry viniagrette. GF $10


Duck Confit

Cured overnight with salt, sugar and spices then slow-roasted at a low temperature before being shredded and crisped on our flattop. Add a portion to any dish.  DF, GF $8


Seared Tuna

Sushi-quality tuna seared to order; add to any dish. DF, GF $4






Croque Madame

Toasted ham and cheese sandwich topped with a mushroom-bechamel sauce and a fried egg. Gluten-free or vegetarian upon request. $12


Salmon Madame

A smoked salmon, cream cheese and tomato sandwich topped with our housemade lemon-caper cream sauce and a fried egg.  Gluten-free available upon request. $12



A blend of roasted summer vegetables with garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs.  Served chilled or hot. GF, DF $4


Pommes Gaufrette

Freshly made, waffle-cut potatoe chips. GF, DF $3.50


Pommes Gaufrette Supreme

Waffle-cut potato chips, made on the spot, topped with our gluten-free mushroom bechamel sauce and ratatouille. A take on the traditional Canadian poutine. DF, GF $8   
Add duck confit $2



Mexican Coke, sparkling water, San Pelligrino soda, La Croix soda $2
Water $1