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By Lori DeBoer

Michael and I were so excited to be invited to serve at The Jaipur Literature Festival.  Since I run The Boulder Writers’ Workshop, a private literary center, I knew all about the Jaipur.  It is one of the top festivals in the world and does an excellent job of featuring national authors as well as local ones.  It is also one of the few literature festivals that focuses on music, culture and spiritual aspects.

We parked Louise in the parking lot of the Boulder Public Library (one of our favorite places in the world) and served lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  Since I am working so much with the truck, I don’t get out a lot to other writing events, so it meant a great deal to be able to visit with so many old friends.  I also made a few new ones.  We’re hoping the Jaipur comes to Boulder again next year.