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by Lori DeBoer

If you’ve ever wanted to replicate The French Twist Food Truck’s recipe for duck confit, you’re in luck — Michael revealed his process for a recent feature in Beer Connoisseur Magazine.  Michael was interviewed by Sherry Dryja, a food journalist and YA novelist, who took extensive notes on the process and then took a shot at making it herself.

Michael is a strong teacher and Sherry said she was happy with the results. (As was her husband, also named Michael.)  “It requires planning, but it is really straightforward to make.”

Sherry and Michael also discussed what beers pair best with duck confit.  You can find the article, complete with the step-by-step process, by clicking here.

Sherry’s blog is The Kitchen Dilettante, and I strongly recommend you visit her site, if you are interested in cooking.  Lately, she has been prioritizing her fiction writing and I am looking forward to the release of her young adult novel, which offers a fresh take on Nordic mythology and, in addition to being an action-packed tale, explores what it means to be human.